In case you didn’t know–and I don’t know how you could know me well enough to be reading this and NOT know—I am a verbal processor. I talk a LOT. But not just because I want to be heard. But because verbally putting things out there helps me to sort through thoughts and ideas. To straighten things out in my mind in a way that I can’t do by myself.

There is something about having another person present, listening to what I have to say (even if they don’t verbally respond) that makes all the jumbled little thoughts floating around in my head just sort of ‘click’ together.

Though I am generally fairly verbose, there are particular people who get a greater amount of exposure to this than the rest of you. But now that I’ve gone back to work at a ‘day job’ and my other friends who were also unemployed have gotten jobs (which is admittedly a good thing) we don’t have the same time to spend just verbally hashing things out that we used to. And I have noticed a serious difference in my mental health and status.

Verbal processing is important! Very important! So in an effort to feel more productive during lulls at work, and to satisfy my need for verbal processing I’ve decided to start this blog…Hooray!

You can read it or not. But it’s not specifically for you. It’s for me 🙂