Kira AKA QuickChangeWoman – in the blink of an eye can morph into several characters. Fully Equipped with an arsenal of accents, talent, joie de vivre, and a (HUGE) variety of outfits in her closet, can attack any awkward moment with a weird acquaintance that no one wants to talk to at a party using bevy of clever flirtatious looks, quick jabs and smile to win over the room and make the awkward person not seem so weird. You can buy her action figure at any Samuel French store. Figure added in all Oscar nominee swag bags.

Comes with 3 accessories. Press her hand and see the flirtatious look action. And her hair can melt through ice! (addendum by Liska 🙂

Mark, my very clever friend came up with witty Super Hero characters and descriptions for all the people in our ‘dinner crew’.
Love it Mark. LOVE it!