Well, with all the blogs my friends are doing on fashion, food, etc. on a weekly basis I got to thinking that I would like to do some sort of weekly post. But I have so many thoughts on so many different types of things that I wasn’t sure how I could make this weekly blogging work and seem cohesive. So I’ve finally decided to just go with a sort of all encompassing umbrella. When I get excited about something, a new book, movie, a country, whatever, if you know me, you know about that thing I’m excited about because I HAVE to tell you. And that’s what this weekly blog post will be…I’ve considered doing it a few times, but after encountering this week’s topic, I was SO enthused that it motivated me to finally start this post!

This weeks thing I HAVE to tell you about this week is:

11510 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90066.

I’ve been on an Indian food kick the last month or so and have been utilizing yelp to help me find some good eats since I don’t really know a lot about Indian food in general.

Well, this week a good college friend (the fabulous miss Natasha) was in town and while we were discussing ideas of places to meet up for dinner I through out the idea of Indian food hoping she would bite. And she did! I drove over to the West Side since she was staying there and didn’t have a car, and our friend Adam suggested that we try the Samosa House down the street.

I had seen the review on yelp while researching possible spots —but dismissed it when I saw it was vegetarian. “Vegetarian?” I thought, “Surely there can’t be much variety in that,” but oh there IS!

We stepped inside and I realized it was the vegetarian place I’d passed up while browsing locales online earlier in the day. But since it was Natasha visiting and our other friend had recommended the place I thought, “Oh well, why not?”.

I’m so glad Adam sent us there! The food was MUCH better than the lamb tikka masala I’d had at Anarkali a couple weeks before. I had the jackfruit based on the recommendation of the couple standing behind me in line and I wasn’t disappointed! The jackfruit , they explained, sort of has the texture of an artichoke heart—that description was spot on! The jackfruit is tender and has some mild spices mixed in that goes perfectly over the brown rice and with the yogurt dip. I also had the vegetable balls in a red tomato cream sauce (good for those who like tikka masala) and that was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite! And there was lots of the gravy to go with my garlic naan. I also had the yellow cauliflower curry, which was good as well. Maybe a little potent for me after I’d gotten through half the serving, but very tasty. I can’t wait to go back and try the lentils they had.

We got the combo plate that comes with 3 main dishes of your choice, fresh naan, the yogurt dip and white or brown rice, all for $8. I couldn’t believe it! There are only maybe 8 choices for the ‘main dish’—-but that turned out to be more than enough options. And based on the remarks of the people in line behind me, I could see that they have a lot of regulars come through.

The place itself is small and unassuming. It’s a little market place with a walk up counter for the hot food (kind of like the covered heated deli are they have at a Ralph’s or Safeway. There are a dozen or so tables with chairs set up towards the front of the market where you can sit and visit with friends as you enjoy your meal, and there are couple tables outside as well.

The market is also fun to walk around. Having spent a year studying in London it was fun to see that they had TimTams and hobnobs and digestive biscuits, as well as PG Tips and other foreign teas.

A great, relaxed environment and wonderful eats! Don’t judge by it’s humble appearance! This place is great! And I’m so glad I got to sit and visit with my dear friend. Glad I finally caught up with you this trip Tasha 🙂 It would have been sad if I had missed you!