Yes folks, that’s right, KEY LIME GRAHAM gelato–available in the grocery ice cream/frozen section! The brand is Ciao Bella (which means Hello Beautiful!) which I think is adorable 🙂 The gelato is an amazing quality for being pre-packed frozen. Really, it’s better than a lot of ‘fresh’ gelato I’ve had. The consistency is smooth, even, rich and soft right out of the freezer, and I’ve yet to encounter a single (dreaded!) ice chunk. This stuff must have serious cream and fat content because even straight out of the freezer, it’s perfectly smooth, and soft enough to eat out of the carton with a spoon, without having to wrestle with/tear the carton.

I’m obsessed with Key Lime—but only in specific proportions. This gelato has the perfect balance of sweet and tart (I like key lime cheesecake, but NOT key lime pie, that is too tart for me) and the graham cracker crumbles, which are oh so finely ground and thoroughly mixed throughout, add the perfect complimentary texture to the smooth, creamy gelato. C’e perfetto! And may I say that I’m extra excited about this find after the recent revelation that chocolate is bad for me. Not in the “it’ll make me fat” kind of way (because I’m sure the gelato could do that too) but in the “my body doesn’t like it and so it makes my tummy upset, makes my sinuses congested and makes me groggy” kind of way. I was deeply saddened when I learned I needed to give up chocolate, especially since so many of my favorite ice creams: Cherry Garcia, Banana Split, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Malted Crunch, are all infused with chunks and swirls of chocolate. But the fact that I found this Key Lime Graham gelato just goes to show: Jesus loves me 🙂

Buon Appetito!