For some reason, over the last week, I’ve been gathering (in my mind) a list of things I want to take with me to my new home in Italy (from my current home in LA). What’s funny is that these items really don’t relate to each other at all. Some are more practical, some are sentimental, and some are just…I don’t know, fun and ‘homey’ and I want to take them. So lest I forget anything, I will start making my list now and add to it as the ideas come…


1 (or maybe 2, haven’t decided yet) of my Alice in Wonderland-esque green glass and brass antique doorknob curtain tie back(s).
Because I like them and haven’t had a chance to use them yet. I think curtain tie backs make me feel like a real grown up. Or at least like a kid, playing a grown up 🙂

2 sets of my Grandmother’s silverware
Because I love it, it reminds me of her and all the memories of our family and friends gathering in her house to eat for the holidays. I like feeding people at my house too–so I guess this will be a sort of ‘torch passing’ instrument. Carrying hospitality to Italy with me for my future friends. AND because even though I can buy housewares when I get to Italy, I’m gonna need something to eat with/on for the first week or so before I go out and buy everything.

A couple of my Ikea pots and pans (saucepan and large soup/large things pot)
Because my momma bought them for me when I first move out on my own in LA and because I will need pots and pans to cook in while in Italy and if I ship a box over, I might as well put a few useful things in it.

My tree duvet comforter and sheets

So that even if I don’t have a bed, I have something to sleep on.

A large selection of plays and books written in English
Particularly “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee (my favorite) and “The Woman in Black.”

My French and Italian textbooks

Aeropress coffee maker

A box of jasmine green tea

Two Mugs
Either the big colorful Cost Plus ones, or my Chesire Cat and Seoul Korea ones.

American measuring cups and spoons for baking

So that I can make home cooked things abroad without doing a bunch of strange metric conversions.

If you have any other recommendations, like things you can’t get in Europe, etc. Please feel free to make suggestions.