I needed that today. A brief exchange over facebook chat with a friend who lives far away.

Today she reminded me that God speaks. And that I should trust when He speaks. She reminded me that God is purposeful, specific, intentional, loving and faithful.

And although I have experienced all these things before, I find it refreshing (and also alternately, disappointing) how amazed I was to feel seen and used by God. Like I’d forgotten about the times He’s spoken to me or through me before.

She sent a quick ‘hi’ and thanks for something I’d sent her a few weeks ago. I picked it up a month or two ago. I was out shopping, saw it, thought of her, and despite wandering around the store for over an hour, I couldn’t leave the thing there. I just could not. But as she travels a lot for work, she only just received it at her office today. And she confirmed that the small token and card were very specifically tailored to her and what she is learning from God in the season. Even with her work.

And I’m amazed. As she shared her thoughts and journey with me, it made my heart jump up and down and do happy cartwheels. I like that feeling. In those moments, you get the ‘wide shot’ of life, of the world, and see just how small we all are.

I love seeing that by being obedient (even though sometimes I purposefully tune that ‘little voice’ out), even in things that don’t make sense to me at the time, God uses those moments, words and tokens to bless someone else. And as an added bonus, when I hear the other half of the puzzle, what significance that thing or word or idea holds for someone else–I am also blessed. I’m sure the system doesn’t have to work this way. But I’m glad, that in His wisdom, God made it so that does.