Actually, this is something I should have told you about MANY weeks ago when my love affair with coffee first started.

I spent weeks researching the ‘best’ coffee maker before ultimately purchasing the Aeropress on Before I made my decision, I’d looked at numerous kinds of french press pots, but in most of the reviews, even the positive ones, the writers had remarked how frequently they had cracked/broken the glass portion of the press. And another common complaint was that there was always a bit of sludge at the bottom of the cup. So I quickly did a search for the highest rated coffee maker on Amazon and came across the Aeropress. With over 500 customer reviews, the Aeropress has a near PERFECT score, over 4.25 starts! And now I know why!

The Aeropress manages to extract more of the little nuances of the different types of beans than the other drip or french press pots do. And for only $25.95 you can’t really beat it! All the components are plastic or rubber, and clean up is a cinch! It even comes with a years worth of filters included! Stick that in your coffee pot and sip it! Wowza!

The Aeropress makes concentrated coffee (like espresso shots) but with only hot water and your body power (it’s a good little arm,ab work out for the 15 seconds it takes to press) instead of those fancy machines that require power and major moolah. From there, you can turn your concentrated shots into a delicious latte or americano style cup.

And just this week, I made another improvement! Since I’m moving to Italy inside of a year, I didn’t want to invest in some sort of fancy coffee grinder, so I’d just been grinding the beans at the store (I know—boo on me). But this week, Renee brought me her coffee grinder to borrow. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH the difference! It grinds the coffee to a much finer grain, and brings out even more of the coffees natural flavors. Plus it makes the water seep through just a little slower–giving an overall richer fuller taste.

Aeropress + coffee = heaven
Aeropress + grinder + coffee = nirvana