During this past holiday season, there was a bazaar on campus featuring gifts, jewelry and baked goods that were produced by employees or friends of employees. Amidst all the eye catching wares, there was a woman with tons of rings and jewelry made from old pocket watches and keys.

I bought a few ‘skeleton keys’ on cute copper chains as gifts (and one for myself!) and have been researching them online ever since! In all actuality, the ones I have are probably not true skeleton keys. Real skeleton keys are cut in such a way as to open a wide range of different locks. The keys I have are probably just old door or cabinet keys. Still, it’s pretty neat to have something in your possession that’s been around since before your own grandparents. Many are from the 1800s. These keys come from the time when warded locks were used for furniture and also doors in houses. It’s fun to think about where these keys have been and who might have used them. And also strange to consider that these small bits of metal have managed to far outlive their original owners. Kind of creepy.