Yesterday afternoon I met a good friend (and former roommate) for lunch. Meg’s a total rock star. She works as a film and TV editor—and in her ‘spare’ time, she practices contortion! Yeah, I know! Meg has always had interesting and challenging hobbies. When we were roomies, right out of college, she regularly took trapeze lessons. I actually went with her to a trapeze class once and it was one of the most exciting and difficult things I have ever done.

During lunch, as we recounted the last several months and what we’ve been up to, Meg told me about this masseuse she just started going to that helps improve flexibility. Apparently tons of dancers and gymnasts etc go to him. Though I haven’t seen “Black Swan” yet, I’ve been told there’s a fairly intense scene in the movie where Natalie Portman is treated by one of these structural integration therapists. Structural Integration therapy is also known as Rolfing.

From what I understand, practitioners in this field don’t work to stretch and elongate your muscles (which quickly return to their original formations)…Instead they work the connecting protective layer of muscle tissue called fascia. This type of massage is more physically intense and has greater long term effects as the fascia does NOT easily return to its original shape and placement once it has been manipulated/stretched. It’s intended to help improve flexibility and alignment among other things.

She’s been twice and told me that her flexibility is already improving…I’m wondering if this treatment might be helpful to loosen up the chronic back and neck issues I’ve had the last few years as a result of being involved in a few different car accidents. I’ll have to think about that…Hm…Have you ever done anything like this?