This week I went with a friend to see guitarist Kaki King perform at the Largo in Hollywood. Kaki put on a great show and has such a charming and sincere presence on stage. It was amazing to see her go from a 12 string ukulele sized guitar to a really large harp/guitar combo without missing a beat. She truly is an incredible talent! I’m still not sure how it’s possible for her fingers to move that quickly. She plays even faster live, than she does on her recordings/videos.

What I was most impressed by (or perhaps caught off guard by) was Kaki’s opening act, Zoe Keating. It’s not every day you go to see a musical performance and see a solo cellist as the opening act! Zoe walked onto the stage, so uniquely striking in her height and red dreads, dressed in a hip but appropriately dressy outfit that might be what a muted version of a Tim Burton fashion design would look like (in a good way, on his best designing day). Perhaps this is common place now, but for folks like me who don’t go out to shows in Hollywood every other day, seeing an electric cellist loop her instrument through a mac computer until she sounds like the entire cello section of an orchestra was a pleasantly warm and entertaining experience. I’ve forgotten over the years just how comforting and hypnotic good cello music is. I love how the low notes resonate throughout the room and float down into my bones. It makes it feel like my insides, and my soul along with them, are getting a massage. I can only imagine how it must feel to play a cello. I really want to try now. I told my friend that I imagined it would have the same pleasant feeling as I used to get playing the low A on my bari sax in high school. It would make my whole face vibrate at this very slow frequency. Always fun.

I’m now on the hunt for good cello recordings. If you know of any, let me know 🙂

In the mean time, check out Zoe’s website here