That’s right boys and girls! Just got a notification 🙂 Though it’s at the bottom of the day’s page—I’m right there under Top Yelpers

Now I’m not the only one who thinks I can write about food! The best compliment I ever got (in this regard) was from my friend and fellow foodie Larry . We were having a conversation about peoples’ grading scale as far as what constitutes really amazing food. He said, “You know how some people say, ‘You HAVE to go eat here. It’s so good!’ and then you go and you just think, ‘Meh, this is mediocre.’ ? Well, I never have to worry about that when you give me food recommendations. When you tell me something is good, I know it’s going to be awesome!” Thanks Larry for that little vote of confidence. Some day when I make my living as a food critic, I will have to take you out for a swanky dinner.

Also, stay tuned for the launch of my new food and travel website: which will hopefully be launching in late May.