I should probably start this particular blog entry with an apology to those people who might have come to mylittlegreenbicycle today looking to read something thoughtful or clever.

Really this one is just random.

Today I went to a ‘health screening’ at work. This involved people taking my blood pressure, having me write down my height and weight—without checking–and then taking 2 viles of my blood to do random tests on. Or sell on the black market…or whatever.

I didn’t do it because I needed to. I’m gonna be honest, I did it for the $100 American Express gift card. Sad, I should be more interested in my health than money BUT I did just get my annual physical 3 weeks ago and they did all the same tests. So I just let them draw my blood for money. Not joking.

Wait, why did I start writing this blog post again?….Hm….Oh YEAH! I love bread. I mean really. I think I could live off of just bread and butter. And it wouldn’t be a punishment, it would be AMAZING.

Since you have to fast 10 hours before the screening for them to be able to test the appropriate levels of stuff in your blood—they had a nice little breakfast table with goodies laid out outside the testing area for afterwards. On my way back up to my desk, I picked up a sesame seed bagel and some cream cheese. As I sat sipping my tea, noshing on my bagel and doing my little happy humming dance I thought, “I’m getting older, I really should just eat half of this bagel. I don’t really need the whole thing, and bread makes you fat a lot faster.” Not that I think I’m fat by any means. It’s just that since the age of 18 everything, body wise, has started to sag and pudge a little and I can’t just eat whatever I want and not notice any difference anymore

As I was spreading cream cheese on the second half of the bagel I realized, “This is only going to get WORSE! SO now is the time that I really should be eating whole bagels. Because when I get even older, that’s when I’ll actually have to worry about these things.”


Yeah, I know this rant really has no specific purpose. I just really love bread. Like, a lot. Especially the crispy artisany kind that’s slightly hard on the outside but soft and doughy on the inside. Mmmmm bread. Yup. That must mean I’m really European as I’ve always thought I was.

Asian you say? Pshaw. Maybe I look Asian to YOU, but I certainly don’t look Asian to ME.

I think maybe I’ve been reading a little too much 2 birds 1 blog today. I seem to have adopted Meg’s tone minus the F-bombs. Perhaps I will call it an exercise of acting via my blog. Or just an exercise in extreme boredom.

Either way, bread is AWESOME.

Happy Wednesday, people who actually read this.