It’s tough to find a piece of clothing that wears well over time. It’s even more difficult to find one that wears well AND is something that you actually enjoy–and not just tolerate–wearing, 6 months after you buy it.

A few weeks ago my buddy Mark asked, “If you had to pick one piece of clothing out of your closet that is the most ‘you,’ what would you choose?”

I knew the answer right away. My Italian leather bomber jacket. For oh so many reasons.

First, it’s Italian. It’s warm, lovely, soft and now that I think of it, probably the most comfortable AND comforting thing I own. I bought it at the leather market in Florence, Italy when I went for a quick weekend trip in 2001. Not only is it a great piece that I have consistently worn over the entire 10 years that I’ve owned it, it’s full of great memories and images of cobblestone Italian streets.

The leather market in Florence is HUGE! I walked around the market for an entire day and I know I didn’t see every kiosk there. I came across this jacket at one of the first stalls, early in the morning. Even after walking through most of the market and finding MANY coats that were hand stitched, fine quality lambskin, at the end of the day I had to go back and get this machine stitched, rabbit fur lined, cow hide jacket.

By all accounts I got something fairly low-grade as far as Florence is concerned. But I absolutely LOVE it. And best part: it was right after the Euro was introduced and the exchange rates were more favorable. So I bought this jacket for about $75. WIN.

sporting my awesome bomber jacket in the hallway

This jacket reminds me of all the traveling adventures I had in college–and how much I’m looking forward to running around Italy again some day. Hopefully soon.

What piece of clothing best represents you?