Don’t ask me why, but I love kitchen gadgets. As in I LOVE them. I have a garlic press, apple slicer and pots and pans of all sizes (including a fancy one that only requires partial power to heat up–and then you unplug– that I got at the Puyallup fair. Thanks Mom!).

There’s something about having cute, useful and nifty kitchen gadgets that makes me feel the most grown up out of anything I own. Nevermind the fact that I’ve lived on my own and paid my own rent/bills for the last 6 years.

I just purchased a Rhino shaped butter dish

and a set of salt and pepper shakers that look like an apple

These are the things I am LIVING for right now. I can’t wait til they come in the mail. At least this is a much cheaper ‘geek out’ or obsession than, say, fancy red souled designer shoes…