In preparation for my new headshots on Monday (eek!), Renee came over earlier this week to help me pick out wardrobe options for each ‘look’. After knocking the ‘business/lawyer/what the Katie Holmes role SHOULD have been in BATMAN BEGINS’ out with a stellar trench coat and slacks, we got to the ‘edgy’ look.

Thus began what was by far the most entertaining conversation I’ve had in quite some time.

ME: So I think in class they said I was kick ass ‘edgy’… What does that look like? OOOH! Like Michelle Rodriguez in LOST or FAST and the FURIOUS? I like my leather jacket.
Renee: You are BAD ass, not kick ass. Not quite like Michelle Rodriguez. You’re not that kind of athletic. You’re too tall and lanky.
ME: Hm…What about Eliza Dushku? She’s TINY in real life but she still kicks ass on TV. Or like an action hero? Maybe I could drive the getaway car?!
Renee: You think you want to be DOLLHOUSE edgy. But you’re more like the girl who dressed weird in high school, that was actually really fashionable, but everyone avoided you because they thought you were scary or potentially dangerous.
ME: (blank stare and confusion) Um. So how does that translate out of high school to being a grown up?
Renee: Hm. (pulls out clothes from closet and throws them around). Put this on please.
ME: Really? You like this? I was gonna give that away.
Renee: No, don’t give it away. You’re crazy.
ME: I know. At least I know I’m crazy. (puts on brown vest thing and orange scarf with striped shirt and black vest).
Renee: You’re a DRIFTER.
ME: Who is that? Like who is that on TV?
Renee: Kate! It’s like Kate on LOST. She’s kind of stand-off-ish, but mysterious. Maybe dangerous.
ME: OOH! And she totally punched people in the face. And held up a bank!
Renee: (smiles)
ME: I still like my leather jacket. Can I wear that on top instead of the vest thing?