Did you know that using fluoride coated floss and fluoride mouth rinse can actually repair/reverse small ‘almost’ cavities? Neither did I, until last week. I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing as fluoride coated floss! While it’s valuable info that I have now, I kind of wish I had it when I was, oh I don’t know, 5 years old?!

The new dentist I went to see last week seemed hopeful that the small ‘soft spot’ on my tooth could be repaired with fluoride. And I am really grateful that he suggested trying the $5 mouth rinse for 6 months before charging me $400 to drill the thing out and fill it. But it really got me thinking, “Why aren’t all dentists this honest and helpful?!” And why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner??? If I’d known about the fluoride before hand (and the fact that your teeth are not supposed to rest on each other all day long–that is considered clenching and is part of the reason my fillings are cracking which is why I now need a CROWN), I might have been able to save myself from numerous other fillings. Or at least I’d like to think so.

So here you go, mothers with small children. Things that I wish my dentist had told me sooner:

1) Fluoride makes a difference. It helps strengthen teeth (which I DID know, thankyouverymuch) and can help harden/repair soft spots on teeth that later become cavities. My dentist recommended ACT mouth rinse at night time (so the fluoride can soak into the enamel over night) and Listerine in the morning to help prevent gum disease.

2) Your teeth should always be separated slightly, never touching each other unless you are swallowing or chewing.

Anything that you wish YOUR dentist or doctor had told you sooner? Share the love and save us all some money, would ya?