My name is Kira. I love food, culture, exploring, meaningful conversations and the opportunity to learn something new and exciting every day. I think everyone has a specific purpose in the world, and I really enjoy helping people uncover what their specific talents, passions and life adventures are.

Over the last few years I’ve come to realize that I have lived a good portion of my life backwards. Mostly that means that I worried a lot and acted like a 55 year old woman when I was 7 years old–and that only in the past 8 years or so have I really started to understand what it is to appreciate my life and enjoy the little “every day” things. Now I am committed to spending my time working on projects (and in jobs) that inspire and move me.

I have worked in Production for feature animation, in HR/Recruiting, as a Project Manager in Corporate Media, as a Casting Assistant for commercial and TV projects, in Career Counseling at Pepperdine University, and as a Campus Recruiter for the Walt Disney Company. In case you’ve heard, or you’re interested, I also operate my own consulting business Typeset Consulting, focused on affordable resume drafting/editing, interview coaching, and strategic career planning. As a consultant, I’ve worked with people in all different fields (legal, household staffing, education), but my specialty is the world of entertainment.

This blog is my space to air out thoughts, ‘verbally process’ when I can’t speak out loud, and share the things that move me with the people who speak truth in dark places.

Whether you are a friend or stranger, please feel free to leave a comment/note and say hello!

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can…

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For a link to my food and travel blog, see kiramisu .

And if you wanna see what I look like when I’m talking about food, you can see all 40+ episodes of my Tastemade videos, here.